About Our Dog Grooming van

Our dog grooming van provides a state of the art dog grooming parlour that can park outside your home or place of work. 

With a fully heated interior your dog will be comfortable and well taken care of.

The van is equipped with a fresh water system hydrobath that deeply massages as well as cleanses the dogs coat and skin.

Our professional dryer means as your dog is dried all loose hair is removed meaning less dog hair in your home!.

Our dog grooming table has a range of supports to ensure your dog is not only safe but can be supported throughout the groom - particularly important for elderly dogs who may not be able to stand for as long. 

The grooming van has a fully fitted safety door so your dog cannot escape and is safe at all times. 

We use a range of products such as Wildwash Shampoos, detangling sprays and conditioners, facial washes, stain removers, ear cleansers and powders etc - all to ensure your dog gets a thorough and professional groom.

Our Dog Grooming Team

Looking forward to our well earned time

Owner/Dog Groomer


Dog Groomer