Mobile Dog Grooming

I have been grooming dogs for over 10 years and pride myself on providing a caring and reliable service. It is important to me that your dog has a good experience of being groomed. I will work with you and your dog to make sure that you get the groom your dog needs. I will advise you on what is appropriate and necessary for your dog depending on its breed, coat type, age and any other special considerations. Your dog is in safe hands - I will always advise you of any concerns I may have regarding your dog as their welfare at all times is of the utmost importance. I reserve the right to refuse to groom your dog if I feel it would not be advisable due to the health or behaviour of your pet. 

Your dog can be given a full groom, including eye and ear care and nail clipping. We use a range of natural Wildwash shampoos and treatments to suit your dogs coat, which are all completely safe and have a range of benefits for your dogs coat. You can also choose a cologne to ensure your dog smells beautiful too. 

As well as the full groom we can also offer a wash only service, and deshedding which will help to manage your dogs coat - reducing the amount of dog hair that may end up in your home!

We kindly ask you  to inform us if your dog may have fleas as we will not groom your dog until it has been successfully flea treated to ensure our grooming van remains a safe and pest free environment for all our dogs. Our shampoos do all contain neem, a natural product to repel fleas - but this is no substitute for flea treatments obtained through your vet.